mDisplay is a smart display system that uses a mobile phone camera and computer vision technology to personalize user experience.

It is different than other display solutions in the sense that it combines two information sources: the standard rules associated with iPad information, and audience metrics originating from the iPad front-facing camera.

Standard regulations make it possible to monitor content in accordance with the time of day and current geographic location.

Camera metrics make it possible to adapt content based on how much time the user spends in front of the iPad, videos previously viewed during the session, the number of people around, and even profile information such as age and gender.

These metrics allow advertisers to target their audiences more precisely and collect extremely valuable information they can use to measure the impact of their campaigns, which they can adapt accordingly.

In addition, when combined with a mobile application, mDisplay can act as an iBeacon and present ultra-personalized content to nearby users.

Once deployed on the ground, campaigns can be configured remotely. Tablets that are locked in kiosk mode can also be managed and monitored. mPhase has demonstrated the reliability of this solution in a commercial retail context where multiple iPads were deployed across Quebec.

mDisplay functionalities can be added to an existing application or become part of a new operation.

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