mBeacon enables indoor geolocation and person detection in an effort to create new proximity experiences.

The solution involves several iBeacons, i.e., Bluetooth devices that emit a signal that can be detected by smartphones. They can be used to enable indoor geolocation services, where GPS is not available.  

As soon as the application detects an iBeacon, it communicates with a server that behaves in certain ways, such as by notifying other users with push notifications.

Facebook integration simplifies user account creation, and makes it possible to collect account information.

This technology has the potential to collect data about a person’s travel habits, in addition to the consumer habits of users in the real world. It can also enable retargeting after a user visits a store.  

When used along with a smart display, mBeacon has the ability to present ultra-personalized content to nearby users.

mBeacon functionalities can also be added to an existing application or incorporated into a new operation.

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