At a time when mobile technology is revolutionizing numerous traditional business models, mPhase helps clients stay competitive by fostering innovation and helping them develop new skills


What we offer :

We help our clients plan the transformation of their business model. As industry experts, they understand the challenges they are facing, and we contribute through our mastery of tech, our ability to anticipate its rapid evolution, and our knowledge of consumer and workplace trends. 


    We team up with our clients to produce quick results in the following areas :

    • Digital transformation (user experience and working tools)
    • Market analysis regarding innovative projects
    • Evaluation of tech and technological feasibility
    • Management of digital transformation projects
    • Development of proof of concept processes
    • User experience (UX) optimization
    • End-user training and engagement

    mLabs is a technological support program created by mPhase to help companies take advantage of the world’s many technological innovations.  

    The goal is to implement a daily collaboration that is powerful and efficient, to help create a dynamic and culture of auspicious innovations.



    Program steps over an annual cycle:

    • Technological assessment
    • Identifying and setting priorities
    • Targeting key initiatives
    • Developing an operational action plan
    • Supporting managers and staff in the execution of the action plan, while ensuring new knowledge application and the evaluation of each project.


    Company Benefits:

    • Take advantage of ongoing support by technology experts that understand the realities of tech
    • Increase your team’s skills by joining forces with mPhase
    • Gain new knowledge through concrete experiences

    Get in touch with us to learn more about how the mLabs Program can help you further your innovation process!  

    We create digital products that surpass our clients’ expectations. How do we do it ?

    • Numerous fields of expertises 
    • A rigorous development method
    • Effective project management and quality assurance tools
    • Unlimited creativity in the face of obstacles
    • A flexible operational structure; ideal for pilot projects and prototypes

    Because we practice what we preach, we work tirelessly to go beyond the boundaries of our abilities in our lab,
    where we develop innovative products using the latest technologies.