mTransport is a school transportation system that makes life easier for administrators, parents, children, and bus drivers. 

Once it is synchronized with school board data, this tool sends updated information about bus routes. A Web portal allows school transportation officers and dispatchers to monitor all routes in progress. This data is protected by advanced access control.   

Using the GPS function found on mobile devices, buses can be tracked in real time, making it possible to detect abnormalities along the route and anticipate late arrivals. In addition, the data collected by the system allows administrators to optimize routes and react quickly in the event of a problem.  

A number of solutions have been explored to accelerate monitoring during boarding and disembarking, while maintaining a maximum of data to ensure that the information is traceable and accurate.  

To simplify deployment, iPads can be managed by MDM software. The application, which is available on the App Store and obtained via VPP (Volume Purchase Program) is deployed remotely across the entire fleet of devices. 

Parents also have access to a mobile application that allows them to track their children’s transportation. The app will alert them if their child misses the bus and when the bus is approaching their home. 

Please visit the mTransport page for more information.