mScan ALPR (Automatic Licence Plate Recognition) is a special vision module that makes it possible to detect and read licence plates.

Once it is incorporated into a mobile application, this tool can be accessed by a group of officers with smartphones managed by MDM (Mobile Device Management) software. Requiring no additional material, this tool is accessible, portable, flexible, and scalable.  

The performance and accuracy of this module are constantly evolving thanks to a system of analysis that uses machine learning and computer vision techniques. This process generates new prediction models that can be deployed remotely.

The application automatically collects a batch of data that has been temporally and geographically contextualized and might serve to analyze and optimize the process. Users can also transmit information manually with the help of dynamic forms, which can be customized by the company.  

The module can be added to exterior systems to authenticate and securely access vehicle data.

The configuration of sophisticated business rules means that this module can be adapted to various usage scenarios. For example, verifying the validity of a parking permit.  

mScan ALPR’s functionalities can be incorporated into an existing application, or used to create a whole new operation.  

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