Who we are

Founded in 2010, mPhase inc. specializes in:

mPhase offers indispensable expertise in development of mobile solutions. Among its clients are prestigious companies, such as Air Canada and AXA.

mPhase has established strategic partnerships with mobile development agencies in Montreal and around the world, allowing it to cover a wide range of devices and platforms.


Frédéric Laurendeau, PMP, MGP
Founding President

Frédéric Laurendeau has over 12 years experience in mobile innovation, developed with Zaq, Atlas Telecom Mobile and Bluestreak Technologies, among other companies. He has contributed to the setup of world-class projects with key industry players, such as Orange, China Mobile, T Mobile, Time Warner Cable, LG and Videotron. A visionary enthusiast in the development of mobile products, he seeks to formulate creative and efficient solutions adapted to his clients’ specific needs and resources.

Benjamin Comeau
Project Director

Benjamin Comeau specializes in management of innovative projects. He acquired his expertise at CGI, and then with Bluestreak Technologies, where he ensured the development of new mobile products on behalf of international players, including China Mobile and Videotron. His knowledge of the limits and possibilities of new technologies allows him to devise user experiences of excellent quality. Imaginative and quick witted, and himself a skilful user of new technologies, Benjamin Comeau applies his field experience to take his clients’ projects to new heights.